Donald Trump applauds Ye after criticism on show

The rapper was a guest on the American show Saturday Night Live and complained that he was behind the scenes was taunted for wearing his Make America Great Again-hats, which he described as his ’Superman cape’. The clip was not shown, but could be a response from Trump count.

“Like many others I don’t look to SNL, even though I have in the past sometimes presented. It is not funny, and offers zero charm or talent. It’s just a political ad for the Democrats. I understand that Kanye West was great, though it was to him, are not recommended MAGA-cap to wear. He is a leader!” said the American president.

Ye wound in the snippet on about the fact that 90% of the media behind the Democrats can bring’. There was boo from the audience when the rapper his story did. West has for years had great admiration for Trump, that he was right, after winning the elections in 2016, met in Trump Tower. The president called Ye, in turn, ’a good man’.

The rapper was a guest on SNL to promote his new album.

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