Domien Verschuuren has to middagshow

The past few weeks counting the days until he is finally back behind the microphone could stand. “I’m going to Qmusic the middagshow make my own for a very long time in my mind, and I sit. A program that focuses on the listener and to the listener. The show revolves around the day and the night that is coming,” explains Domien. “Listeners will have the whole day worked, geklust or college, and see their free evening approaching. They put the radio a little harder for the last stretch. I would like to be a bridge between the busy life of the day and the relaxed of the evening.”

Domien took after his farewell at 3FM four weeks time for himself to prepare for his new middagshow. “I find it exciting. I compare it often with the first day of school at the high school. You have long awaited, but once through the large doors, and in middle school you will find it exciting. I counted the days until 1 October, 16.00. I’m sure the good is going to feel.”

The transition from Domien Verschuuren of the 3FM morning to the afternoon of Qmusic is one of the many transfers in radioland. This year is the number of radiotransfers unprecedented. Domien: “Radio is a domino game. If a stone falls, will there be space and there are a lot of. Nevertheless, it is the largest transfer, of course, the stop of Edwin Evers on Radio 538. That is a change the station from scratch over going to plow.”

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