David Beckham buys London pub

The bar should be according to Beckham, a SoHo House-like feel

David Beckham is expanding his empire and has, together with his good friend Guy Ritchie in a bar in London’s Notting Hill bought. The duo explained about 3.8 million euro, down for the pub. Ritchie also has been a pub in the district of Fitzrovia and brews his own beer at his country estate.

Beckham would not be able to wait to get started with the building, that is a total metamorphosis to undergo. He would make the bar a SoHo House-like appearance want to give, reports the newspaper. SoHo House is an exclusive club for members and also has a branch in Amsterdam.

The former football player was already in the possession of their own football team in Miami, has several lucrative contracts and put themselves in for years for Unicef.

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