Dave Grohl shares the stage with Beck during fundraiser

During a political fundraiser for the benefit of the progressive Democratic candidate Aftab Pureval in California appeared Dave Grohl took the stage to the side of Beck. Together they played Beck’s song “Where It’s At’.

This cooperation was made during one of the few free moments on Grohls calendar. With his band, the Foo Fighters, he is also busy with the finishing of their Concrete & Gold tour, which takes them on Monday, June 11, also at the sports Arena brought.

In a recent interview with Pulse of Radio explained Grohl in a corner of the veil on how performances are prepared. This is especially great drinks to offer. “An hour before the gig I start with a beer. Ten minutes later I drink a first Jägermeister and take a second beer. When everyone backstage starts to come, we share a number of rounds with shots, and then I have a beer please.”

“So I ended up three or four now Jägermeister and three beers. The last fifteen minutes, we use to us at all to prepare for our show,” said Grohl.

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