CELEBRITIES horrifies clip Jan van den Bosch

The presenter received in his show the girl, that Dunamis is called, because they want to get for poor children. There she carried out briefly in a dance, until Jan her to his toetrok to take a seat on the couch next to him. Also fronsten viewers their eyebrows at how Jan the girl commanded next to him to sit.

“Wtf???”, write Halina Reijn and Eddy Terstall as a result of the clip. Georgina Verbaan is not as short of substance, and reports on Twitter: “spent the entire day sick of that Hour of Power movie. Bah.”

Diederik Ebbinge and Ilse Warringa, both of which are known from the Luizenmoeder, tweeting: “Just on national television! #oegandeesje”, and “Oh my god.”

In a comment let Jan van den Bosch on RTL: “The snapshot doesn’t give the core back out of a long conversation, n.l. the dream of Dunamis to orphanages to build. I understand that some are irritated by my statement in regards to a small Oegandeesje, a spontaneous moment in the program. To which I emphatically no negative intent, and I regret this decision.”

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