British hospitality industry may not tips more join in

LONDON – British pubs may soon be fingering to do more in the hospital where alison works of their employees. Prime minister Theresa May let the law specify that the staff is entitled to the full amount that they are on a voluntary basis, getting customers, message the BBC.

The decision follows a rel 2015. When it appeared that restaurants regularly up to 10 per cent claimed of gratuities that were paid for with credit or debit card. Many chains have that practice now discontinued. They would often still only 2.5 percent of the market of credit card cash settlement tips. The trade association for horecaondernemers will find the new legislation is therefore unnecessary.

May think otherwise and has “strict” rules in prospect for exploitation to occur. It is still unclear what that new legislation will mean for staff in the approximately 150.000 British restaurants, hotels and cafés. They get sometimes also a amount from the hospital where alison works.

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