Asia Argento acknowledge sex with teen

Asia Argento known in an interview in the Italian TV LA7 that she and her beschuldiger had sex

Up until now denied Argento, one of the drivers of the #MeToo-movement, which is increasingly publicly, although TMZ at the time, text messages published in which they have a girlfriend admitted to Bennett having sex with her had.

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Argento says in the interview that she Now saw as a lost son. They got to know each other in 2004 on the set of her film The Heart is Deceitful above all things, where she was the mother of the then 8-year-old Bennet plays. The two met again in 2013 in a hotel in Los Angeles because Bennett had asked her to practice with a script. The Italian, who at that time was 37, thought that Bennett reached the age of majority was and was surprised when the boy, who when he was seven years old her son played in a movie, her had jumped.

Asia Argento has with the 8-year-old Jimmy Bennett worked in her film The Heart is Deceitful Above all Things

“He started me to kiss and to touch, not like a child to his mother, but as a boy with uncontrollable hormones,” says Argento, who characterizes it as a ‘traumatic event’. “I froze completely. He did his thing, used no condom. It took no more than two minutes. When I later asked why he had done it, he said that I have always been a sexual fantasy for him.”

Bennett suggested earlier that he had been abused by Argento. “His statements made me angry, but I also feel pity for him,” she says.

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