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Altcoin-market analysis week 40 – a Further rise for XRP and Bitcoin Cash

The total market capitalisation has fallen to 222 billion dollars. Up on XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, and Litecoin and all crypto had to currencies in the last week of slight losses to cope with. The Bitcoin to Cash exchange rate was able to record a price increase of twelve percent.

NamePrice in US dollarsMarket capitalization in US dollarsChange of course within the week, in percentCourse evaluationSupport in US dollarsResistance in US dollars
Bitcoin6.648,02115,00-1more bullish6.324,966.826,28
Ethereum233,0423,84-3more bullish193,53263,46
Bitcoin Cash539,949,0012bullish502,40660,70
EOS5,775,23-2more bullish5,186,47
Stellar0,264,93-4more bullish0,240,28
Litecoin61,493,603bullish57,48Is 74.67
Cardano0,092,21-3more bullish0,080,10

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization, which is given in billions of US dollars.

After the beginning of last week, the market capitalisation fell below 210 billion dollars, and was then fragile recovery visible, so that the market capitalisation is only just below the start of the week. This recovery is mainly due to Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash and Litecoin, the price gains to compensate for the slight losses of the other crypto-currencies. Regardless of the Performance, within the last week, the impression is in almost all crypto-currencies within the Top 10 bullish, so that you can open with a well placed Stop Losses and Targets is quite Long POS.

Best price development: Bitcoin to Cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin to Cash exchange rate rose in the last few days and is currently testing the exponential moving average EMA50. Here, it will be decided whether the recent gains were sustainable or just a flash in the pan, however, tested the exchange rate of Bitcoin to Cash the EMA50 since June, four Times unsuccessfully. Not to mention positive is that the volume of trading is so high for months. With a view to the growing, negative MACD and rising RSI is at 57 and lead to a bullish impression. It offers, therefore, a Long Position, in which the two Resistances in 660,73 the US Dollar and the 777,62 US Dollar as the Targets and the first Support at 502,35 US Dollar as the Stop Loss can be used. Cautious traders can wait before Opening a Long Position, a Rise about 570 US dollars. The course covered Loss under the above-mentioned Stop, you should wait for a further fall under 432,64 US dollars, before considering a Short Position.

Worst course development: Stellar (XLM)

“Worst course of development” doesn’t hit it in the case correctly. After the fulminant course of the Stellar-rise of the last week of the course in a slight consolidation. He is still on the since the beginning of the year followed a downward trend, and the exponential moving averages, EMA50 and EMA200. The volume of trade, however, is gone back again. With a positive and rising MACD and RSI at 60 come to an overall more bullish impression. With a set stop Loss on the level of Support at $ 0.24 traders can open a Long Position with the Resistances at $ 0.28 and $ 0.32, as Targets open up. The course falls under the Stop, would be another to Fall under the second Support on 0,23 dollars is a good entry point for a Short Position with a $ 0.20 as a Target and a Stop Loss at $ 0.24.

Stability of the Top 10

Exceptionally, the most violent struggle rages not on the last places in the Top 10, but between XRP and Ethereum. Here is a Flippening took place a couple of times and also now the distance is only one percent. Between the EOS and Stellar the distance with six per cent, is also rather low, which is why, especially in the upper half of the Top 10 a lot can change. Beyond this, it looks quite stable; Monero would see a 15 percent rate increase, to make Cardano competition, in the case of all other crypto, the distances are currencies even greater.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all Crypto are jumped by almost two percent. Thus, currencies in a cut of all the Crypto better than Bitcoin performs. For the Top 100, the result is even clearer. Here, the courses have increased by an average of ten percent. Two absolutely unknown crypto-currencies, Eternal Token and Odyssey were able to enjoy gains of 660% and 151%. In addition, the Electroneum is increased at a rate of 55 percent. This certainly has to do with increased media presence and a Beta of its Instant-Payment-solution. Loser of the week Tezos, Funfair and Airchain, which had to cope with 10 to 18 percent losses. 47 of 100 crypto-currencies have worse performing than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin, however, is fallen and is currently 51 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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