3FM-dj Michiel Veenstra, programme leader in online transmitter

Michiel Veenstra is going for online

His departure feels for Michael as a clean slate, ” he says. That is true according to him also for the Dutch radio station 3FM, where he is the last high-profile dj uitvliegt. “On the one hand, he wants to 3FM to do something new, on the other hand they want the old don’t let go. Upon Serious Request asked people still have to get Gerard Ekdom and his rendition of Living Doll. He is already three years away from the transmitter. We’ve had our fun. Let my departure, the definitive break with the past.”

When KINK goes Michiel de in 2011, the defunct station from scratch set-up. The transmitter will convert digital to listen to. “Radio is less of a FM-dependent. When KINK seven years ago, and stopped, most of them had not yet databundels on their phone. That’s changed so much. Of course, a large part of listening is still radio via FM, especially in the car. But more and more people are switching over. They listen through an app, or the bluetoothspeakers. Especially over a few years.”


Michiel wants to KINK even more work to create podcasts. “Podcasts about music to be a part of the station. It is a pity that many makers podcast. Or they do it in their own name, not from the radio station. There is not a policy, not even in public broadcasting.”

In August, it was known that the KINK returns. The alternative station was on October 1, 1995. After sixteen years went to pull the plug out, because the owner there is no future in saw. Since then there were several plans on the internet is going on, but who came barely of the ground.

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