Woman after two days from the debris hotel saved

JAKARTA – Two days after the tsunami disaster on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi have the search and rescue a woman is rescued from a collapsed hotel in the city of Palu. The woman was Sunday of the second floor of the hotel, Roa, Roa is achieved, according to rescuers.

The seven-storey building, where the hotel was located, collapsed after the flood.

The seven-storey building collapsed after the flood. It is feared that dozens of guests still in the rubble are buried.

One of the rescuers, Retno Budiharto, told Compass TV about the rescue: “Fortunately, she fell under a mattress. This is why she survived.” According to preliminary numbers are in the disaster at least 832 people died. It is feared that the number of deaths in the coming days will increase significantly.

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According to the Jakarta Post are still at least three other hotels in Palu during the disaster destroyed.

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