Vet sewed heroin in stomach puppy’s

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Amsterdam – A veterinarian from Venezuela, has liquid heroin in the stomach of the puppy’s exported to the US.

A attach taken puppy in Colombia.

The 39-year-old Andres Lopez Elorez was all in 2015 arrested in Spain and is now extradited to the US.

Elorez went horribly to work. As the dogs, often labradors, but sometimes other breeds, with sewn-in pockets on the destination arrived, they were finished and the heroin from their body cut.

The bags of heroin in the maagjes of the dogs was inserted.

The vet, who worked for a Colombian drug cartel, has debt known to and get a minimum of ten years in prison. The punishment is only in 2019 pronounced.

Dieranrts Andres Lopez Elorez sewed bags of liquid heroin in puppy are that he exported to the american market.

In a raid in Medellin in Colombia were ten puppies found. Three dogs had already in a total of three kilos of heroin in their stomach, so writes New York Daily News.

Of the seized animals to work there are now two with the police. A basset is an agent adopted and is now called Donna. A rottweiler with the aptly named Heroina, is now being deployed in the war against drugs.

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