Trump in ‘love’ to Kim Jong-un

b474f6594428d33178f8f2edf33f668e - Trump in ‘love’ to Kim Jong-un

The American president Donald Trump has Saturday during a campagnebijeenkomst in West Virginia is a very remarkable declaration of love made. “We were in love,” he said of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Negotiations about the nuclear disarmament of Pyongyang reached in June their peak, with the historic meeting between the two leaders in Singapore.

“I made myself hard on and he also and we went back and forth. And then we were in love, ” said Trump about the North Korean leader that he in the past still ‘small raketman’ called. ‘No, really’, added the head of state yet when the audience began to laugh. “He wrote me beautiful letters and great letters. And we were in love.”

Trump also repeated that there will likely be a second summit will take place with Kim. “Who knows, we have a second meeting. President Kim would be a second meeting would have’, said the American president.

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