Trump adviser: ‘I was a victim of sexual assault’

Trump adviser: ‘I was a victim of sexual assault’

Kellyanne Conway, a consultant for the White House, against the American news channel CNN declares that they themselves have been the victim of sexual assault.

Conway was as a Trump advisor by CNN invited to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to discuss. Kavanaugh was nominated by president Trump to serve on the U.s. Supreme court, but by a number of women accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.

“I have a lot of understanding for victims of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape,” said Conway. “I am a victim of sexual assault. I don’t expect Kavanaugh therefor is held responsible. You are responsible for your own actions. This is not a Bill Cosby, that comparisons are ridiculous. This is not a Bill Clinton. ’

Conway emphasized that women who Kavanaugh accuse in the court have to be heard, but that we people are different treatment on the basis of their political affiliations, or gender, and that is a huge mistake.”

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