This is Bill Cosby in jail to learn

Bill Cosby at the exit from the courtroom after he was sentenced to prison

According to the site is Cosby a treatment that is called Responsible living: A program for sex offenders. In it are seven phases, including, for example, gedragstechnieken, sympathize with victims, sexual education, and relapse prevention.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, a government agency that is responsible for programs in the prison that prisoners need help to return to the society, the cases comedian first, a evaluation to determine in which risk category he falls and what treatment to match.


If he is in the medium-high or high-risk category falls, then he needs all seven phases of the programme cycle. He falls in a lower category, he will then have only three items to go through: taking responsibility, sexual education, and relapse prevention.

Last Tuesday was Cosby convicted and sentenced to a punishment of a minimum of three and maximum of ten years. Women who to him had accused, were present in the room at the pronouncement of the judgment. That stopped Cosby not immediately after the hearing of the judgment already joking around with his team.

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