Slutsky: ’Very dramatic race for us’

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Leonid Slutsky

,,Not only in terms of the result. We had almost the whole second half with ten man playing and got two players lost with serious injuries. Sure that Matavz is really bad, he has his lower leg broken. Very sad, because Tim is our best striker.”


Roy Beerens also fell against Feyenoord. The wing tips zwikte after an hour by his ankle. ,,I hope that”, said Slutsky, who due to physical problems could not have Bryan Linssen and Martin Ødegaard. Defender Rasmus Thelander is an ankle fracture until the winter break to the side.

Thomas Bruns and debutant Danilho gave doekhi some firm kicks were red sent off the field by referee Serdar Gözübüyük and thus, a suspension meet. ,,I do not agree with a number of decisions of the arbitrator”, grumbled Slutsky. , Such as direct red card for Bruns and the free kick where the 2-1 by Feyenoord came out. That were in my opinion unjust.”

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