Shadow over Romanian royal wedding

Nicolae’s aunt and head of the royal family, Margaret, stayed precisely this weekend for a visit in the French Alsace, and his mother princess Elena had to turn up at the wedding of her son. According to many Romanian media let the royal family this is a perfect opportunity to pass to a stronger position in the society to obtain, especially with the younger generation.

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The problems within the family met in 2015 to light when the aged king Mihai of a sudden his only grandson, his prinsentitel took away and outside the line of succession to the throne was placed. Prince Nicolae would the moral backbone lack that his grandfather and his advisers desirable for a prominent member of the family. That he during a biking tour through Romania a girl pregnant would have made, played a role in this.

Particularly popular

Nicolae seemed at first at the decision to lay down, but in the past year more and more a private course in the knowledge that he is particularly popular. Although he is officially not a prince anymore, but the Romanian media present him as such, and itself, he stresses especially that he is the grandson of the last december at age 96, died last king.

Aunt Margaret and her ambitious husband, Radu should have none of this self-contained behavior. They prevented last year that Nicolae and his grandfather on his deathbed yet visited, and when he still went around was Nicolae accused of an attempt to huisvredebreuk. In the run-up to his church’s marriage remained Nicolae, however, optimistic about the possibility of reconciliation and the presence of his mother and his aunt. The hope proved vain.

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