Prisoners escape from a tsunami

SULAWESI – Inmates in a prison on Sulawesi in the interior destruction caused and brandgesticht when they do not to family were allowed to go.

The damage is huge in Donggola. Here a collapsed shopping mall. But also the prison is lost.

The unrest was in Donggala, one of the first places on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi that Friday by a wave was hit. In the chaos, according to the local authorities at least one hundred of the 342 prisoners had escaped.


The devastating tsunami and was followed by a half-hour after a powerful earthquake. Inmates demanded that they leave were given to affected families to track and help. The jail administration did refused to do so, when the rioting.

Images and reports of the news site show that many caught themselves for the burning decor have collected.

By the earthquake of Friday, the prison in the zuidoostelijker located Palu destroyed. There have since been estimated that half of the 560 prisoners without a trace.

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