Poor turnout for the referendum in Macedonia

The inhabitants of Macedonia were voting today on the compromise that their country is the new name ‘Republic of North Macedonia’ would produce. To 17 hours the rise among the thirty percent.

Almost thirty years of opening to Greece and Macedonia about the name of the Balkanstaat of the former Yugoslavia belonged. Greece has, in fact, in the north province. Athens and Skopje have reached, finally, a compromise: the neighbouring country would henceforth (Republic of) Northern Macedonia are called. At the end of July, the parliament of the former Yugoslav republic that a referendum on the issue would come up.

Beforehand it was clear that the major hurdle for the referendum required the participation of more than half of the stemberechtigden would be. If the opposition would truly stay at home, then this may be according to verkiezingsspecialisten a hard time.

To 17 hours the rise only to 29 percent. You can vote yet 19 hours. The plebiscite is not binding, but ‘advisory’. Still, it would be a low turnout of under fifty percent the ratification in the parliament can be difficult.

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