New album for Otto Lagerfett

Otto Lagerfett was already from an early age, prepared for a life as a famous Schlager singer. He distinguished himself at a very young age of other German fellow singers by his distinctive voice and his long blonde (now gray) hair.
By this very special characteristics had Otto the right looks to become a big star in his native Germany. He went there frequently on various German tv stations, but scored only in 1996 his first 2 major hits with “Wenn Sonne seems” and “Für Dich Mama”. These songs were recorded by the German youth than ookluidkeels sung.

After a long journey, through various studios around the world, is Otto in Arnhem ended up at the Ceasar’s Palace studio of the highly successful duo Emile Hartkamp and Norus Padidar. Where now, with much love and passion worked is already the eighth album with the appropriate title “Otto Lagerfett”.

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