More than 400 people killed, Sulawesi, the number of runs on

Jakarta – The number of victims of the earthquake and the following tsunami which affected the north-west of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Saturday found has risen to over four hundred.

The death toll after the tsunami in Sulawesi runs fast.

The authorities expect a rapid increase as on Sunday when contact is made with remote areas. Vice-president Jusuf Kalla said that there might be even thousands of deaths.

According to the latest posts in the provincial capital Palu is definitely 420 deaths, while dozens of people trapped under the rubble of houses, hotels and shopping malls. Many of the deaths on the beaches of Palu, where a large festival took place.

,,We have difficulty getting heavy equipment in to put the victims found under the rubble of buildings because many of the roads to Palu City are damaged,” said the head of the disaster response coordination Willem Rampangilei according to news site Compass. The runway of the airport of Palu is damaged, and only helicopters can countries. More than 14,000 people in the city are homeless and are taking shelter in tents.

There are still no messages from Donggala, a town where about three hundred thousand people live and which is one of the first by the three-metre-high tidal wave must have hit. Donggala is located closer to the epicenter of the earthquake, which has a strength of 7.4.

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