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Litecoin and Dash by SMS send: Cointext.

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Litecoin and Dash by SMS send: CoinText.

Home News Litecoin and Dash by SMS send: CoinText.

Marcel Knobloch –

The adaptation of crypto currencies is significantly strengthen the responsibility of the trust in the block chain technology. A new Service makes it possible to send digital currencies via SMS. In addition to Bitcoin Cash-this works now with Litecoin and Dash.

The Company offers already for some time the Sending of Bitcoin to Cash via SMS for its customers. A few days ago CoinText announced the implementation of Litecoin and Dash, so from now on, three crypto-currencies, by SMS to his friends may be sent.

The founder of the company, Vin Armani, that the acceptance by this simple Service can be increased within the Community (freely translated):

CoinText makes the Sending of crypto currency as easy as Sending a text message. It is a powerful tool for Communities to spread the acceptance of their crypto-currency.

The company is still relatively young, and started first in March of this year, with the small brother of Bitcoin BCH. Bitcoin-Cash transactions are already supported in more than twenty countries. Sending Litecoin and Dash is so far only available for users from Canada and the United States, but step by step expanded.

The Service will be timely also for the platzhirsch Bitcoin available. We are eager to receives if the project journey and continue to spread.

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