Isa Hoes defends joke for facelift-advertising

Isa Hoes

In a video on Instagram in which she specifically the name of the clinic calls, tells Isa Hoes praised a ’fantastic faceliftbehandeling’, and she jokes that it doesn’t cost more than a good bag. That came to her on critical reactions from people who certainly no a thousand euro changed hands for a bag. Also they find it a pity that they are advertising without giving the first instance to mention.

“I bought a new backpack on Koningsdag for €4!”, reacts someone, who despite the ’super fine’ Isa, that they can do this. “I would like to, but I think you’re mistaken about what a bag costs, or a bag costs for the ordinary man, dear Isa,” a sympathetic fan. Others are less subtle. “So, a little bit of slick advertising talk…haha! (…)Wrong videos say, laughable.”

In a caption for a before and after photo acknowledges that her joke about the bag might be misplaced. She lays out that she understands that for many people a lot of money. “If someone works hard, I am, so I feel ashamed of me for anything.” In a number of hashtag let them know never a expensive bag have bought and that she could not care less about whether or not advertising is.

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