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Flute concerto for Anderlecht that not over ten men of STVV touch

Anderlecht has the bekerkater of against Union (0-3) is not flush with a victory against STVV. The visitors played 70 minutes with ten after a red for Ceballos, but were still relatively simple stand against another very mediocre Anderlecht. ‘Shame on you’, sang the hometown audience afterwards. The press Vanhaezebrouck increases.

The nerves were strakgespannen for the match at the Constant Vanden stock stadium. Despite the win top match against Standard (2-1) layers of the blamages against Spartak Trnava (1-0) and Union (0-3) the Anderlechtpubliek heavy on the stomach. Hein Vanhaezebrouck was a positive result in order for his bosses and especially the dissatisfied fans to appease. Against STVV held QTY Dimata again on the sofa and he chose for Bakkali in support of deep striker Santini. Marc Brys had little reason to switch. The STVV coach could have his strongest team and with a victory at the same height of the inhabitants of Brussels in the rankings. If motivation can count.

The initial phase was to the image of the past few weeks at Anderlecht. To possession no lack but open doelkansen create remains so hard. Dribbelkont Bakkali was by far the bedrijvigste for the home team but to great danger, led his actions are not. STVV had this week attentively to Union looked. The Canaries were well in the organization and were in possession of the ball quickly. The first chance was for the visitors. Boli decided on after a nice attack.

Just after the quarter hour struck the Truiense striker or touch but he was flagged for a tight offside. Anderlecht hit that warning in the wind and came barely a minute later, again very good road. A cross from Ceballos was by Boli of near about gekopt. Anderlecht responded with a great chance for Amuzu, but Ciske found a good rescue of Steppe.

Halweg, the first half had STVV ahead with his tens. Ceballos went firmly on the calf of Saelemaekers and it seemed good to get away with a yellow card. The VAR saw it differently. Van Driessche went on a second look, and then went still, red. The last fifteen minutes of the first half was all for Anderlecht. Santini and Gerkens got the best opportunities. The first decided is much too weak, the second much too wild. 0-0 after a first half where Anderlecht 61% of the possession had claimed.

Brys made the most of the rest were grateful to the organization of his dozen or so more on point. Something that the second half is anything but easier for me for Anderlecht. A shot of Trebel right on the Steppe was long time the only thing Anderlecht had to offer in terms of shooting skill. The audience became impatient and took Vanhaezebrouck on the grain after the Trebel to the side had taken for Makarenko. The wegwerpgebaar of the coach in the direction of spionkop made only for more oil on the fire.

Only in the slotkwartier could Anderlecht – Dimata and Makarenko on the field – the pressure finally perform. A blast of Bakkali went centimetres next to the post and also Makarenko was a few times close to the redeeming hit. The best attempt of the Oekraïner was by Steppe handsome out of the corner beaten up. Santini got in the 94th minute last chance for the crisis, but the Croatian headed home from close beside.

The final whistle of Van Driessche greeted by loud booing and a fastening flute concerto of the Anderlechtfans. Meanwhile galmden comforting words of Bob Marley by the stadionspeaker. ‘Everything is gonna be alright’. That remains to be seen … .

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