FC Groningen and wears red lantern on to NAC

FC Groningen can finally cheer.

Noisy week

After a noisy week, with disgruntled supporters who are reported for the stadium and the painful bekeruitschakeling by FC Twente for FC Groningen’s home game with FC Utrecht in the program. The embattled team of trainer Danny Buijs was dying for a good result, after the first six matches, just three points together were gathered.

Also FC Utrecht will experience a difficult competitiestart, but won under coach Dick Advocaat during the week in the KNVB cup, MVV. Furthermore, the team last week Feyenoord in De Kuip long of a victory (1-0).

The lack of self-confidence was FC Groningen after a quarter of an hour to be fatal. The opening goal of FC Utrecht came to certainly not fall from the sky and became a reality thanks to Sander of the Region, which are a good attack cold-blooded graduated: 0-1. Under the guidance of a flute concerto was looking for FC Groningen with those numbers the dressing room.

Red and Groningen.

In the second half was the home team the embarrassment of having to throw. Michael Breij had bad luck that his shot on the crossbar ended up, but lucky that Simon Gustafson on the other hand, the pole hit. The same Gustafson received after 67 minutes, to his dismay, a red card, after an infringement on Samir Memisevic. That punishment seemed to be on the heavy side.

FC Groningen took advantage fifteen minutes before the time of the numerical preponderance. Substitute player Ahmad Mendes Moreira was exactly in the right place to accurate to be from the rebound: 1-1. FC Groningen is thanks to the point, in any case, no hekkensluiter more. NAC Breda is now the new number eighteen in the Premier league.

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