“Father’s moon landing was business as usual

Rick Armstrong at that time was twelve years, Mark six. In the meantime, the two come to understand what performance their father at the time put it. Dealing with all the fame where family Armstrong was to face, was a “learning process,” says Mark. Calculated their father loved them with both feet on the ground. Who emphasized that they will make their best to stay in school and not on the wrong path had to end up.

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That is one of the reasons why the brothers are very enthusiastic about the new biographical movie First Man, who soon appears. That shows who Neil Armstrong really was during his turbulent time at NASA.


“He is in the course of time, characterised as an introverted person. But that he was not,” says Rick. According to him, in First Man to the fore that Neil also had a sense of humor. Though it is subtle. “But someone’s life is much more versatile than in a film is to grasp”, adds Mark.

Director Damien Chazelle, who previously praise garnered with the filmmusical La La Land, has, according to them, also made the right choices. Chazelle castte again Ryan Gosling for the leading role. Claire Foy, known from The Crown, plays Neil’s wife Janet. The two brothers have frequently been in contact with the cast of the film. And as they stay involved in the process were, the more confidence they had in the final result, tell them. “We wanted to make it authentic.”

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Not afraid

The film shows the struggle that the family Armstrong performs in the run-up to Neil’s famous flight into space with Apollo 11. Death plays an important role. Neil lost in the early 60’s his two year old daughter Karen. In addition, perished in the subsequent period, colleagues and friends of him at NASA. Itself it escaped death during his first space flight in 1966.

The voltage that the fate Neil Armstrong could take is in the film clearly visible. Rick and Mark have at the time not a lot of adele. “What I like most is being asked, or I was scared. No, I was not afraid,” says Rick. That he owes, in particular, his mother. “It is remarkable how her nerves could mask.”

No control

According to Mark, his mother had the heaviest to endure, because for Neil, it was mainly just his work. “The fear that he had not, she felt sure,” he says. “My mother had all the worries, but no control.”

With all the fame could Neil, who in 2012 died, not really out of the feet. He saw his moon walk, especially as a team effort, says Mark. That there is now a large Hollywoodproductie about his life appears, would his father still have been able to appreciate, suggests Rick. “As long as the movie, but historically and technically accurate.”

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