Farmer Jitse radiates

In the sixth episode of Farmer seeks Wife, looking at 842.396 viewers (live +3), good for a share of 34,7 % (VVA 18-54), arrived the favorite ladies of Jeroen, Jitse, Jan and Bjorn in Germany, Norway, Australia and Canada.

On Monday, October 1 flies Dina Tersago also with the women of Manu to South Africa. Manu will receive them with open arms on his olijfboerderij. “I am calm, I am confident. What must happen, will happen. I’m going to have my attention divided, and it is important that all of us, in any case good fun.” Manu treats Rita, Hilde and Christine immediately on a local dish: “volstruisnek”, either struisvogelnek. It is the first time that a man cooks for Hilde. The day after, and he leads the ladies around in its impressive olive grove, after which there is plenty-picked will be. Also by Hilde, who have no olives lust.

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