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Draw against AA Gent, that helps Antwerp to fourth place

Antwerp and AA Gent will be the ninth match day of the Jupiler Pro League ended with a 2-2 tie. The home team is only fourth on nine points of leader Club Brugge, AA Gent now has the same number of points as number six STVV, but has an inferior goal difference. Mbokani and Haroun scoring for the home team, Rosted and Vadis for the visitors.

A point address in Antwerp, it is sufficient to Yves Vanderhaeghe had the time to buy? The question is no longer either Vanderhaeghe will soon be allowed to go for stamping, but when. With a interlandbreak for the bow – read: a running-in time of two weeks for a new trainer – to be more coaches in the first class nervous when their phone lights up – unless Hein Vanhaezebrouck. That forgets his smartphone in his cubicle.

That aside. The rescue of Vanderhaeghe is that Belgian trainers in whom the Ghent directors are confident dares set very thin on the ground. And a foreigner in the season, hiring is still a bit of Russian roulette. So does everyone continue on as if nothing is going on.

The lineups for AA Gent are however a reflection of the prevailing instability. They feel just like roulette. Of gain Souquet, last week dramatically against Club Brugge was not a trace more. Also another purchase, Timothy Derijck, stayed back on the bank. Bronn was right, Rosted came next Plastun.

Also in the front the search continues for the right recipe. Awoniyi and Limbombe were given wages to work after their goals in the cup against Virton. Andrijasevic and David gone again to the bank. Yaremchuk, untouchable as basisspeler in spite of non-matches in the three positions in the front, came next Awoniyi, while Limbombe and Chakvetadze the flank populated in an attacking 4-4-2.

Bolt of Odjidja

That new plan seemed to work. Rosted put Ghent after a quarter of an hour on roses. Aangespeeld by Limbombe loved the Noor Van Damme to learn beyond Bolat to shoot. The firing squad again averted for Vanderhaeghe, took that thought not long. The same Rosted lost Mbokani second, from the eye. Enough for the Congolese, at KV Mechelen in the cup is already deadly efficient, his second doelkans ever for Antwerp to heads.

Once the zero, sixteen goals: this Gent is sitting with a problem, even though it deserved it at that moment better. The played the ball better around, showed himself more eager in the duels and was on the attack razor-sharp. After Limbombe on such a raging tegenstoot Yaremchuk ignored and selfish on Bolat kicked, scored a Gent from the corner that followed with a bolt of Odjidja, the best man AA Gent. The saving angel was, however, Asare, on a corner a header from Owusu on the line returned.

Esiti at powerplay

That Antwerp eventually back alongside came, had the Buffalo themselves are to blame. Because Awoniyi a minute for the equalizer, a counter verkwanselde, but also because even two centrumspitsen do not succeed in Ghent oxygen. Awoniyi was not technically capable of holding the ball and Yaremchuk even played hide-and-seek. So could Haroun, after Limbombe by the legs, was played by Juklerod, the 2-2. Ghent was the physical game and had Kalinic count Rodrigues of the 3-2.

Vanderhaeghe threw Esiti in it, in the documentation match sheet ‘Esteti’. While the Nigerian, after speelminuten on the first day, all the way to the sensitive topics were left out and moved, now just ” the aesthete is. An additional stutbalk to the powerplay of Antwerp to catch. That worked, but because Awoniyi is already Bolat came, remained a 2-2 on the board.

Fair, but enough to return the situation to calm for AA Gent, it is not. As long as the board is silent, knows Vanderhaeghe how late it is.

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