Death toll Sulawesi rises above 1200

JAKARTA – The number of deaths as a result of an earthquake and a tidal wave in the northwest of Sulawesi has increased to 1203. Reports that the Indonesian news site Kumparan that refers to the national police. The Indonesian authorities have not yet confirmed.

The national disaster response spoke of 832 deaths. Sunday morning said the service is already the expectation that the number will increase significantly.

According to the national disaster relief Sunday afternoon died alone in Palu, the largest city on the west coast of the fourth largest island of Indonesia, at least 821 people. More than 500 people were seriously injured, dozens are still missing. Among them were several foreigners, among whom were three Frenchmen.

The Indonesian president Either Widodo visited Palu Sunday. He appealed to his compatriots to have patience. From abroad is much help offered. The European Commission has 1.5 million euros in emergency aid made available.

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