Claire Foy is living with extreme anxiety

Claire Foy

That explains the 34-year-old actress, who is now next to Ryan Gosling as the wife of Louis Armstrong shines in the film’s First Husband, in an interview with The Guardian. The fear would have begun she was eight, when her parents divorced. She found a handhold by everyone around him pleasen and only love’.

That in her teenage years she also has a few serious diseases had a benign tumor behind an eye, jeugdartritis making them for a while on crutches to walk, also didn’t help. It bore all with a great fear, which has only gotten worse as she grew older. “It is totally not logical. It is just a feeling in your stomach, that feeling that says you can’t, because your ’this’ or ’that’. It’s my mind that works overtime and with any thought to get going.”

The acting made it even worse, she says, that she was all in control let go. “We will find success as a great thing and think that you’re special if you’re successful. While that really is not so. I found that very confusing: the success had me totally changed. All that old shit just went by.” It was only when Claire decided to find a therapist for her anxiety, the better. “I can now my fear of distance. It is still there, but I fight no more.”

The film First Man with Claire Foy appears 11 October in the cinemas.

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