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Canada’s role as a location for Bitcoin Mining to take

Canada’s role as a location for Bitcoin Mining to take

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Matthias Nemack –

We reported on a number of occasions that it attracts a number of companies for crypto-Mining, especially to Canada. Reasons for the policy of openness for the exciting topic, as well as the electricity market, which offers low prices.

Low electricity prices to lure mining companies

Electricity providers in Canada are by no means agreed in their opinion of the Prospectors, which it draws in a large scale into the country. No wonder, after all, is the power requirements of the young company’s impressive. Not only Bitcoins will be mined by companies, also other Coins like Ethereum or Litecoin arise in a large scale. A number of canadian electricity providers are enthusiastic about the new clientele. An important location of the crypto-industry is now the location of Medicine hat, located in the canadian province of Alberta, as the Portal Heise reports. The there is located a large field of natural gas allows for a cheap price of Electricity, which attracts industry. The great crypto-Miner town with just over 60,000 citizens of the service provider hat 8 Mining.

Hat 8 Mining: 67 megawatts of electricity per day in in Medicine hat

What digital currencies are mined, the company, remains the secret of the company. What to know: About 40,000 sqm of the site, where the in-house computing system in shipping containers is housed. The System of the company consumes during a typical day, about 67 megawatts of electricity. Criticism, hat 8 Mining smoke more electricity than the residents, together, referred to the company incorrectly. Interesting, a known arrangement for power supply during the summer.

Households will be given preference in the great heat

The municipal utility should have the right secured, the supply of Hut 8 to the summer time to suspend. So to be ensured the necessary energy, the households need for the operation of your air conditioning systems. Not an unusual approach. Many suppliers reduce Supply constraints initially, the supply to industrial customers. In the home hat 8 Mining is expected anyway, not delivery problems during the heat period. What is the current negotiated price of the crypto-Miner, and the utilities, it wraps itself in Silence. Also in other canadian cities under the hat 8 holds a powerful data center. According to its own information, the company is with these two plants on the Basis of electricity consumption one of the leading global miners, with a stock market listing.

And at the same time, one of the providers with the lowest mining cost, you want to believe in the company. So far, the company has achieved in any case, more losses than gains. The new location in Medicine hat is now to pave finally the way in the profit zone.

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