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Belgian Cats fight as if their life depended on it, but Spain takes bronze at world CHAMPIONSHIPS

It did not for the Belgian Cats: despite a strong party, they lost from Spain: 67-60. No bronze for our landgenotes, but very impressive fourth place at the world cup basket.

The Cats started well at the party. In no time, it was 3-10 in favor of the Belgian women, and the Spanish motor began to turn. The first quarter finally ended gelijkopgaand (15-15). In the second quarter got the Cats, difficult to re-grip on the party. Spain dominated, and this expressed itself in a 32-27 halftime.

After the break, placed the Spanish women, a new tussenspurt in the third quarter (23-16), and the Cats in the fourth quarter of the voltage, it ended up (12-17). They came close, but eventually had seven points in the bronze to Spain.

Earlier on this world cup won the Belgian women in their group after wins against Puerto Rico (86-36), and .. Spain (72-63) and a defeat against Japan (75-77 nv). In the quarterfinals, winners of the Cats of France (86-65), and after a creditable defeat followed against the United States (77-93) in the semi-final battle.

Despite that sour defeat left the Cats in the world CHAMPIONSHIP so, with lifted head: who in one tournament, Spain and France can beat and as long as can keep up with the Team USA, put a wereldprestatie down. It got them to bake sympathy, not only in their own country but all over the world.

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