AZ set to disappoint against PEC Zwolle

6a1c8e340849c9813463b476ea99ded2 - AZ set to disappoint against PEC Zwolle

Vito of Crooij a kopduel.

PEC Zwolle had in the first half much to tell against a superior AZ, that after a missed opportunity by Ricardo van Rhijn early on, the score opened. Oussama Idrissi shot the ball from the edge of sixteen after ten minutes past Mickey van der Hart: 1-0. The team of trainer John van den Brom subsequently dropped by Guus Lift a good chance on a second AZ goal.

PEC showed himself then very effective. Short for rest benefited Vito of Crooij the most of fumbling from Ron Vlaar and fired the equalizer against the ropes. Even before the end of the first half had the visitors even with a head start to the dressing room can look up, but Mike van Duinen struck the pole.


After the rest dropped down to the level of the competition far away. AZ played in a low tempo to PEC Zwolle in trouble and cared for with a lot of mutual misunderstandings for irritation in the audience. That the 2-1 quarter of an hour for time somewhat fortunate to have emerged, applied in the spelbeeld. Lift got the ball suddenly to his feet, after PEC the ball not away got. The captain moved simple within.

Enough for the Dutch victory was that he can’t, because with a clever header gave Zian Flemming PEC a not undeserved point (2-2). The team of trainer John van ’t schip will climb to twelfth place. AZ is fifth, but can still be surpassed by Vitesse, that afternoon, still plays at Feyenoord.

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