Anita Doth fight back against breast cancer

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Anita Doth

“I’m back to fight,” writes Anita with a photo of himself on Instagram. “Like many others in the world. Send us power, love and light and continue to pray for us. That would be very much for me and my children mean.”

The 46-year-old singer, who in 2010 even though breast cancer was found, is grateful for the support of her family and friends. “For them it is also very difficult. Especially for my mother and father, I can feel their pain can not imagine.” However, she wants to finish with ’a positive note’. She is the medical staff of the hospital, the OLVG in Amsterdam grateful. “The chemotherapy is effective.”

Anita was in the nineties, together with Ray Producers of the house-duo 2 Unlimited. They became known worldwide with hits such as No Limit and Jump for Joy. Last year she made known a few to start.

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