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American is the best on WB cyclocross in Iowa City, Cant sprint for fifth place

Kaitlin Keough last night the second round of the world cup cyclocross in the women won in the U.s. Iowa City. The 26-year-old American finished a solo for the British Evie Richards and the Dutch Marianne Vos. Sophie, the Farmer seized the fourth place, while Sanne Cant in the sprint for fifth place neat the Italian Eva Lechner behind her held. Loes Sels was tenth and Ellen Van Loy eleventh. Marianne Vos continues to be a leader in the regelmatigheidscriterium

It was Eva Lechner that the suit in tow, took. The Italian champion beat together with Marianne Vos, a sore on the rest. Fox then made use of a mistake of Lechner in order only to the lead and as the second round solo.

Behind the Dutch drove a group with Sophie de Boer, Eva Lechner, Kaitlin Keough and Evie Richards. Sanne Cant was in the company of Katherine Compton. The rain made the trail slippery, allowing several cyclists at the plain went. Also, Marianne Vos slammed against the ground, and so was Kaitlin Keough command.

Vos was still geremonteerd by her compatriot Sophie de Boer. World champion Sanne Cant followed in sixth place. Evie Richards was on the way to Marianne Vos to attack for third place. The American Keough remained fiercely hot to trot and drew the final lap with a lead of 23 seconds over Sophie de Boer. Marianne Vos was all of 28 seconds to make up, the British Evie Richards was on the fourth place just for Sanne Cant and Eva Lechner.

Only the fight for the last two podium places remained exciting. Marianne Vos was again falling, while Richards made the jump to for had made. We have received with the Richards, the Farmer and the Fox three riders behind Keough. That last was not more in the problems so they extended the zegegebaar should make for Evie Richards, who had stripped the company of Marianne Vos and Sophie de Boer.

Happy winner

Waterloo finished veldrijdster Kailtin Keough as nineteenth, but during the heat of the world cup in Iowa, she won the victory, partly because they have a far less mistakes made than its competitors. The 26-year-old American earned a solo in the final stage after they, among others, the British Evie Richards and the Dutch leader in the wereldbekerstand Marianne Vos behind her knew to let. “I was in the run-up to the first wereldbekercross what have become sick and since I wore certainly the consequences of Waterloo. Fortunately, the tide turned and I was able today to finally win,” said Keough. “Now, I felt the whole day greatly. It was not easy on this track to be on the bike. I was riding my own course, and had been from the start very well. I can with a lot of confidence to Europe. I do with this victory immediately and also a very good thing in the overall standings of the world cup”, was the also.

Also Cant be revived

The best Belgian in the second round of the world cup cyclocross in the women in Iowa City, Sanne Cant, could in a off sprint for the fifth place, the Italian Eva Lechner behind him. The 27-year-old world champion will be with a pretty good feeling to return home, after she had earlier in Waterloo, a tenth place picked up.

“This cross was held on an incredibly tough track. It was muddy at the start of our contest and also I started also to rain heavily just when we were starting,” says Cant. “There was a lot of running. You had to really see what you did. In the curves was very dangerous and the descents we could not fully take it because there is a slippery lag. Also there we had of the bike. I’m definitely better than last week. I had today also again strength in the legs and there was I missing in Waterloo definitely,” says Cant. “That we’ll soon be back in Belgium, I’m not bothered at all. I stayed back in my own familiar surroundings and that virtue will do after a while in America be seated.” (belga)

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