Aissa has a new single

They were eventful months for the singer Aissa. On 23 June there was a benefit organized for the 10-year-old daughter of the singer to cancer suffers. Meanwhile, went the family to the Swiss Zurich, where the young girl Kiana almost eight weeks protonenbehandeling underwent. Unfortunately we got of Aissa told the girl again, a pet scan had to undergo, because, there again, two tumors were discovered.
So, it’s a whole ordeal, but nevertheless they must “Continue to Believe”. That is also the title of this brand new single, which by Aissa largely itself was written in a collaboration with Jim Nijs also for the music created. Jean-Pierre Kerkhofs of the Artsound Studio produced this song.

“Continue to Believe” of Aissa is available to download via the known channels (iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify). A hand cd is now available through With this number hear a video clip on YouTube is from the channel of singer Aïssa.

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