17-year-old plunges through glass roof drive

Zurich – A 17-year-old girl died when she Sunday morning in the early hours by the glass roof of the station Zurich fell down.

Horrific accident: girl of 17 plunges through glass roof of station, and is twelve meters down.

It is still a mystery how they to one hour overnight on glass plates, and that at twelve meters height could come, writes Blick.

According to the police, four young people, between 17 and 22 years old, to the top, climbed. A witness saw the girl fall when the glass plate on which she stood broke. At the time that agents of the dnr, were, broke a piece of glass loose and fell on a policeman. That got slightly injured.

According to the newspaper, it is unclear what the young people wanted to do. It Was a stunt, or, they wanted to grafity spray or were they drunk?

In the hall of the main station these days is an oktoberfest is held.

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