Woman senator in an elevator confronted: “I wish that he is my anger felt’

Just after Republican senator Jeff Flake had already announced that he the of sexual abuse accused the candidate chief judge Brett Kavanaugh would support, he stepped into the elevator. In that elevator, he was confronted by two women, both victims of sexual abuse.

‘Look at me when I talking to you!’ Senator Jeff Flake got Friday in the elevator of the American Senate a good bolwassing of two women who had just heard that he was before the nomination of judge Brett Kavanaugh would vote.

The 39-year-old Archila spoke to him immediately. “A man who a woman has abused, should you so in the Supreme court sit,” she said. Also sixteen years younger Gallagher, challenged the senator from Arizona. “I was also sexually abused and nobody believed me. I decided to no one to say, ” she said in tears. ‘What you are doing, is to say that women don’t matter at all. That they should just remain silent, because if they let their voices be heard, go get them yet but ignore it.’

The images went around the world.


The two women have now told their story done in the American media. “I wish that he is my anger felt”, said Archila afterwards. When she was five years old, she was molested. “I believe that judge Kavanaugh is dangerous for women. I did this out of solidarity for dr. Ford. All the emotions that I the past few weeks felt, came to the top.’

‘We have forced him to go to our stories to listen, ” she says. “He had to be confronted with the pain and anger that women feel when they have dr Ford for millions of people to see the witnesses.”

The 23-year-old Gallagher says that she is relieved that senator Flake their voices heard. Never before she had her story shared. After the protest, called her mother her.


Just before the Senate committee on Kavanaughs nomination would vote, went to senator Flake suddenly with a handful of Democratic colleagues in discussion. He agreed in the commission, ultimately, on or before Kavanaugh, but he said explicitly that he for an FBI investigation recommends to the heavy allegations of sexual assault that the teacher, Christine Blasey Ford a day earlier against Kavanaugh had uttered.

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