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Waasland-Beveren picks up first win against red lantern Mouscron

7cebfa7d8bcc341be677112bdb2444b7 - Waasland-Beveren picks up first win against red lantern Mouscron

Waasland-Beveren is at the bottom of a gold thing: after five equal play could Waaslanders for the first time this season, once to win. This they did also on the field of red lantern Mouscron, that after that 0-3 defeat on their own field a direct competitor to see bleeding. Extra painful: the home team missed a penalty when it was 0-1.

Mouscron-Waasland-Beveren was in the spotlight as the degradatietopper on the ninth match day of the Jupiler Pro League. Especially for coach Yannick Ferrera was an important party. He was given last Wednesday to demand the confidence of the club but in return was a victory expected against Mouscron. This task was safely accomplished.

The fiercely criticized the coach of the Waaslanders handle for this crucial game back to its weekly selectieconcept. The same eleven as in the league game against Charleroi. Striking, however, that attacker Forte does not agree to the selection belonged. His place was on the bank occupied by Ndao. Loss was for both teams already out of the question.

The first major chance was for the home team. A vrijschop was to Bakic tapped and this popped on the fists of goalkeeper Deckhouse. In the rebound headed Dusenne on the cover strip. In a subsequent phase kicked Olinga weak next to it. Waasland-Beveren responded immediately and it was touch. A cross from Boljevic landed perfectly on the head of Vellios, who Waaslanders on lead brought. A shot of Katranis on the other side yielded nothing, and also a cross from Boljevic was shortly after the fifteen minutes by Vukotic, sip in addition to gekopt. Suddenly there was a hot station for the doelmond of goalkeeper Deckhouse. A vrijschop was by the Wase goalkeeper unloaded, but luckily it was the subsequent shot is allowed to creep in. Mouscron continued to insist, and when Massop Of Durmen neerduwde waved referee Put in the first instance, all protest gone. After the intervention of the VAR was the ball still on the dot. Roef showed immediately the hero in the visiting supporters by the penalty kick from his goal to whip. Just on the half hour got Boljevic an unique chance to score on the drive, but his attempt to the left corner was cleverly by goalkeeper Butez in a corner, pushed. Boljevic kept all the freedom and trod again, a leg of a thuisverdediger in a corner. It was a stay of execution for five minutes for peace was a battle for goal by Ampomah on the pole gekopt and Schryvers could in the rebound between a pack of players a second time to score for the Waaslanders.

The Waaslanders could with a satisfied feeling to the dressing rooms. With the contribution of Leye and the long ball tried to Mouscron in the second half to put pressure on the visiting defence. However, this resulted in hardly any danger. Sensation a quarter of an hour ahead of time, then Ampomah goalkeeper Butez too far out of his goal saw the ball from forty metres of the ball with a superb lob in the target kicked. A werelddoelpunt to fit.

The Waaslanders held in the slotkwartier quiet mode and did what they had to do. A restorative victory that is undoubtedly for the necessary oxygen will ensure.

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