Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 39

466f87420ecd7abdc251d355305acdea - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 39

Of five singles to take this week we said goodbye. That is the case, for “Where you’re not” of Yevgueni, “Rock” Lissa Lewis, Gene Thomas, and “Soleil soleil”, Top of the Pops with “The night of your dreams” and “Like a storm” of Yvan Brunetti.

“Mother, I’m so afraid” of Ingrii is the first new 50. 43 is for Lisa del Bo and “Sprinkle your whole world”. One place higher, at 42, we find “Marcel” of Frimout. The “losing battle” of Micha Marah feat. Music show Scotland ends up at 40. “It makes you stronger” of Neighbor is the highest newcomer at number 33.

Tijs Vanneste opens the top 10 with “Sometimes”, but he will be going three places in reverse. “You know me better than I am” of Sabien Tiels wins a spot and is now the number 9. From 5 to 8 for “How do you do that?” of Luc Steeno. 6 is 7 for Celien and “Rhythm in me”. “Let your heart beat” of Laura Lynn makes a beautiful jump, from 11 to 6. Also, for “So clean” by Michiel De Meyer is excellent. He climbs from 9 to 5. Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert and “Zoutelande” remains at 4. “Conquer me” by Niels Destadsbader goes from 2 to 3. Exactly the reverse way puts the “Gloria” of the same Niels Destadsbader, from 3 to 2. Six weeks at number 1, that is the beautiful result at the moment for “Grip (embrace me) of Bazart.

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