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UCI put dangerous painkiller tramadol itself on the prohibited list and announces immediately checks to

The first test in the powerful painkiller tramadol will be at the end of January 2019 to take place. That reported UCI president David Lappartient on Saturday, the French news agency AFP.

Tramadol is not currently on the list of prohibited substances of the world anti-doping agency (WADA), but is soon banned for cyclists. Riders with traces of tramadol in the blood is detected, you will be suspended.

David Lappartient denounces the passivity of the WADA in this issue: “We have to WADA asked to work together (…), but I got the feeling that the will to support us in this dossier is not already too large.”

According to the UCI president is going to have a non-negligible problem. “It is a substance which is not prohibited, but is followed by the WADA. In general the more for. 2/3 of the detected tramadol is from samples with cyclists. In that sample, 5% of the riders tramadol found,” warned Lappartient. Riders who tramadol take are less sensitive to pain, making them easier to the extreme.

Vertigo and dizziness

The frequent use of Tramadol in cycling would lead to more falls. The side effects are not for the cat: vertigo and dizziness. Teams that are members of the MPCC (association for credible cycling) – such as Lotto-Soudal – had himself been a ban on the use of Tramadol is imposed.

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Technological fraud

In addition, knocked the Frenchman is still on the chest of the measures which the UCI took in the fight against technological fraud. “Since march, have an x-ray machine. In the grand tours and classics, all bikes are integrally scanned. We have reached our goal and today is the (technological fraud, ed.) not but to the order,” klonkt it yet.

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