Twan Huys, a week less viewers

It was purely up to the The Voice-special thanks – the episode in which the winner of The Voice Senior was announced – that Twan Huys in its second week, the average managed to increase to 682.000. The first week, he reached, on average, 533.000 viewers, but the third fell to 463.000 and last week dropped again to 424.000 viewers, despite the relletje between Theo Hiddema and Peter R. de Vries Wednesday night.

Tv-expert and former director of talk shows as Barend and Villages, Pauw and Witteman, Bert van der Veer said after Huys’ first week in this newspaper that it is ’very difficult, if you are in the first week may not improve with eye-catchers’. Ceo Sven Sauvé showed previously, however, know that RTL’s decision to Twan for the long term. “We have so much confidence in Twan, and such a program is not in one time. Then you go not on the basis of the first weeks of heavy conclusions.”

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