Tsunami-chaos: wounded groan in the air of pain

PALU – The chaos in Palu on the Indonesian island of Sumatra is huge after the tsunami, to the extent known to almost 400 lives. Many others are, sometimes screaming from the pain, in the air deaths.

Doctors try to a victim to help.

Doctors do everything they can. The amount of wounded is overwhelming. Alone in Palu are now 540 wounded counted – and the question is whether anyone at all is counted.

Many wounded are in the open air to be treated, reports news agency AFP, because in no place more. On photos is to see how doctors plasters, bandages and operatiemateriaal do anything to save lives.

Outside forms a makeshift hospital.

Meanwhile, to help survivors with the mountains of bodies. Saw reporters a man, the body of a bemodderd child bearing.

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