Sylvie Meis will get German them laughing on her hand

Sylvie Meis

It would be exactly the reason why Sylvie last year, the German tv station RTL had to leave: viewers would have complained about her German, that they after all these years, still with an English accent would speak. But this year, it announced that the Hamburg-living, all-round business woman, her return as a jury member for the program Das Supertalent, exactly ten years after this program started with RTL. “A greater honor I can’t imagine,” she said on her return.

On Instagram she shares a snippet of the show from Saturday night in which it becomes clear that they that role not only with verve wants to play, but the diva is also a good degree of self-governed. As a young man from Bavaria in the act of his group announced in rap, the Bavarian dialect, can they him but with difficulty understood. After a whole story of the man, to which Sylvie listen carefully, they react ad rem: ’Bayern, that word I understood, to which the public is behind her in laughter erupts.

When the man then let them know that Hoogduits him not so situated, dares Sylvie the to to claim that that ’boring’ is. “I can’t do so as well.”

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