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Sylvain Chavanel wins the points race in the Coupe de France, the Belgians disqualified

Cyclists of all kinds to let any chance pass away to earn points to gather in the run-up to the World Cup. Pistecoach Peter Pieters worked with the national pistekern a stage in Bordeaux during the Coupe de France.

Sylvain Chavanel won the Friday will be a points race for his countrymen Thomas Boudat, Kevin Reza, Bryan Cocquard and Andrien Garel. Moreno De Pauw saved the Belgian honor with a sixth place, Jules Hesters took the end of the points race.

Robbe Ghys and Fabio Van Den Bossche, a junior who along with Ture Dens may trials for the elite, were disqualified. The decision of the competition jury, Robbe Ghys was on the road to profit, and called quite a lot of questions. Van Den Bossche, the map of the War went, it was just like the War disqualified by the again to chauvinist French organising committee.

Luc De Wilde makes his debut as a caregiver at Team Belgium

Luc De Wilde, for many years caretaker at the British Cycling Team, makes its debut this weekend as a caregiver, with Team Belgium. The Wild was the mainstay of many a British winner, Bradley Wiggings, Mark Cavendish, Laura Trott and co, and comes in the wake of Frederik Broché to the Belgian pisteploeg. With the previous years experience can The Wanted the Belgian team to a higher level lifting.

De Ketele and The Peacock together again in ploegkoers

In the ploegkoers, Peter Pieters three teams in contention. The European champions De Ketele-Ghys be split. Kenny De Ketele go with Moreno De Pauw, Lindsay De Vylder is a team with Robbe Ghys. Junior Fabio Van Den Bossche is on the road with Jules Hesters.

Junior Fabio Van Den Bossche bends only for Bryan Coquard

Penalty pedal of the 18-year-old Fabio Van Den Bossche in the Class 2 contest. With Coquard and Chavanel decorated Van Den Bossche rondewinst. In the sprint gaining Coquard, the young Belgian on the line.

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