Sure 384 dead, tsunami Indonesia, hospitals overcrowded

PALU – UPDATE 9.39 pm – By the earthquakes and the tsunami on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi are sure to 384 people were killed. That leaves the disaster agency of the island know. Meanwhile, hospitals for the many wounded hardly care.

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A boy looks at the devastation.

The dead that have now been confirmed, all come from Palu. In the city, there are countless bodies on the coastline. Presumably the number had considerably increased: in other places hit by the tsunami and in Palu itself is still not a full view of the extent of the damage.

Of hundreds of people Friday, a festival prepared on the coast, for example, is not known where they are.

Meanwhile, overflowing the hospitals. Some of the wounded are in the open air to be treated, reports news agency AFP, while survivors help with the mountains of bodies. Reporters saw a man the body of a bemodderd child bearing.

Absolutely devastating

On videos on social media showed that the tsunami the island and several houses to be swept away by the water. Shortly after the gulf country came, it was already clear that multiple people have gone missing.

The tsunami came after the earthquake with a strength of 7.5. Before that there was a quake with a force of 6.1. Shortly before the wave of two meters high, the island is reached, the tsunamiwaarschuwing withdrawn, because the golf seemed to have disappeared.

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