Sneijder turned catholic thanks to Javier Zanetti

0c7f2630be6278c7910708190c68f2af - Sneijder turned catholic thanks to Javier Zanetti

Wesley Sneijder (r) and Javier Zanetti.

“Javier is one of the few from that team with whom I have regular contact have. On special moments in my career and private life, he is always very attentive. He is an example for everyone, because I have never been a top pro experienced. Javier has the power to director of Inter, and that radiates from,” says the record international, which is partly thanks to the Argentine catholic was.

“He showed me a lot about faith and told me, ultimately, also taken into account. Every evening for the match came the priest and we went to the club to our private chapel. I found my peace, it felt good.”

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