Riots in protests by Catalan separatists

790e217dcb82cc9336f95b5a0676459a - Riots in protests by Catalan separatists

BARCELONA – Two days before the anniversary of the illegal Catalan onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in Barcelona riots erupted. Separatist demonstrators were clashed with the Catalan police when they were on their way to a protest march of the national police and Guardia Civil, elsewhere in the city centre.

According to Spanish media threw the separatists under more with paint and eggs at the police. At least two protesters have been detained.

The Catalan police formed a cordon around the demonstrations of the separatists and that of the central staatsveiligheidsdiensten to be kept separate. Many of the approximately 6000 separatists had tried the barricade with force to break through.

About 2000 agents of the national police were on the street again to honor pay tribute to the politieoperatie of 2017 to the onafhankelijkheidsreferendum to avoid. Also they would demand an increase of their salary. According to them, earn the members of the regional police Mossos d ‘ Esquadra in Catalonia significantly more.

The region is in a political crisis by an illegal referendum last year on independence. The then regional government of the separatist Carles Puigdemont left the keep and claimed independence.

The central government in Madrid, the handle 28 October last year. Puigdemont and a series of Catalan members of the government fled the country. A number of ex-members of stuck.

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