Riots at a demonstration in Barcelona

Thousands of supporters of Catalan independence were demonstrating Saturday in Barcelona. In addition, riots arise.

The Catalan police was bombarded with verfbommen and eggs, according to the Spanish media that are appealing to the authorities. A person was arrested. About injuries, nothing is yet known.

Separatists wanted a demonstration of the officials of the federal police units, Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil are approaching. The Catalan police tried the demonstrations to be kept separate. Many of the approximately 6,000 separatists had forcibly tried the politiecordon to break. It got to also protesters clashed.

Monday is the first anniversary of the as unconstitutional, considered onafhankelijkheidsreferendum. After the vote and the subsequent decision to the prosperous region to rupture of the central government in Madrid was Catalonia in the autumn of 2017 placed under legal guardianship.

A year later, the organizers of the illegal referendum in prison or in self-imposed exile.

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