Protest: ’Felix must remain’

Felix Meurders

The banner is a response to the decision of BNNVARA that Felix Meurders need to stop with the program. The 72-year-old radiocoryfee has to give way for a new presenter because the NPO with the program to a younger audience wants to tap into.

Dolf Jansen, with whom Meurders all years together, the program presents, announced the show of Saturday on Twitter with the ’#spijkersmetkoppen WITH FELIX MEURDERS’. Had he already know the departure of Meurders ’k*t, and disappointing to find. “It is a piece of omroeppolitiek and (also, unfortunately) as things are going,” says the comedian.

The news has a lot of angry comments directed. A lot of listeners on social media to express their frustration and anger, and speak of ’ageism’.

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