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Poland lust film about poor priests not

Kler (the Clergy) has the by and by catholic Poland was in an uproar. The main characters of the film are three, fictional, priests who are not determined to behave according to the guidelines of the catholic faith. They drink a lot of vodka, have sex, and laugh with the church and her commandments. One of them abused a blind weesjongetje sexual.

The film, from the well-known Polish director Wojciech Smarzowski, was last week premiered at the Polish film festival and garnered great acclaim from filmrecensenten. Since Friday, he is also to see in the cinema.

But not everyone warms to the film. Several prominent members of the Polish ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS), which is close to the catholic church, it geschandaliseerd.

In addition, the print in the halls just now Poland in the ban of a controversial lawsuit over abuse in the church. In January, a court in Poznan, the Polish catholic church for damages and a lifetime pension payable to a woman who as a child sexually abused by a priest. In October, the case for appeal.

Jaroslav Sellin, minister of Culture, believes that the film ‘negative stereotypes’ and an unfair image of the church spreads. Some PiS politicians want the film even prohibit. The main news program on state television, which is good, and the Piss-line, called the picture ” a new brutal attack on the catholic church’.

Director Smarzowski hopes to own say that his film will help people to stop priests and saints to handle. ‘They are not. They carry only soutanes.’

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